Advance Biologic therapeutics through Innovative technologies

Elpis BioPharmaceuticals is committed to developing next generation cellular and biologic therapeutics for the treatment of cancer patients

Image of a T Cell

The immune system is always on patrol, ridding the body of foreign invaders, such as viruses, bacteria or fungi. White blood cells, such as "T cells," fight infection and cancer.

Cancer cells however, are not recognized as invaders because they are the body’s own cells that have mutated, so that once-healthy cells no longer behave like normal cells.

Elpis develops immuno-therapeutics to overcome this immune escape mechanism. Elpis has designed a novel platform that incorporates full human antibody library screening through mRNA display technology, allowing us to rapidly advance immune-cellular therapeutics and therapeutic antibodies. Antibody modules discovered by out platform can be further effectively developed into cell therapeutics or biologic therapeutics to treat patients. Potentially shorten the time in bringing such therapeutics to clinics and ultimately to benefits patients.

About Elpis

Elpis was established in 2017, and focuses on developing Innovative cellular and antibody therapeutics for the treatment of cancer patients. We have developed a full human antibody library for rapidly discovering of drug candidates/modules by high throughput mRNA display technology. Since founded, we have collaborate with biotech and global pharma companies to discover and develop next generation drug candidates in immune-oncology area.

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