Cell Therapy Technology Platform

mRNADisTM enables rapid screening and discovery of highly selective and potent ScFv or VH domain antibody modules against therapeutic targets utilizing either soluble proteins or live cells for selection. Live cell selection is particularly valuable for generating antibodies binding to the disease relevant epitopes and challenging targets such as multi-transmembrane proteins. ScFv and VH domains can be further engineered to generate bispecific or multi-functional cellular or biologic modalities.
mSCAFoldTM is rationally design tailored libraries based on our understanding of the structure-function relationship between a target of interest and its interaction partner(s). We then utilize mRNA display technology to screen and identify engineered mutants with re-directed pharmacological properties (e.g. agonist or antagonist) for therapeutic applications. Our technology platform enables rapid protein engineering leading to proteins with specific mechanisms of action.

Discovery Platform Advantages


Fully Human Antibody Libraries

  • Large diversity, 1013 natural human repertoire, lower immunogenicity
  • Rapid generation of donor/disease-specific libraries

Live Cell Selections

  • Generation of lead molecules recognizing native conformation desired epitopes
  • Enabling identification of novel disease –specific epitopes

Human Library and Mammalian Display

  • Enriching for soluble and stable antibodies for development


Rationally Designed Libraries

  • Structural modelling
  • Rationally designed large sized libraries

Epitope Directed Selections

  • Enhancing desired functions
  • Eliminating undesired functions

Novel Mechanism

  • Extend therapeutic index
  • More efficacious and safer candidate